Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thanks and Do You Want to Attend The Citizen Police Academy?

Hello folks, it's Lieutenant Dan. I have to say that the blogs by Lt. Pata and Dispatcher Anndora have been amazing. I never imagined that they would receive the response they have. Anndora was asked to blog for a national blog and Lt. Pata is being interviewed by none other than Phil Bronstein today and has a life long fan in CBS Eye on Blogs writer, Beth Spotswood. So thanks to all of you that continue to read the stories about the men and women of the San Rafael Police Department.

So my other reason for writing today (and no I don't have some exciting story) is to see if there are people interested in attending the fall session of our Citizen Police Academy. This is an awesome 10 week program where each week you learn about a different function of the police department (ie: CSI, SWAT, Investigations, etc). As an added bonus, you also get to go the shooting range with an SRPD firearms instructor and go on a ride-a-long in the patrol division. We have a great time in the class and it is a great experience. The next class starts Wednesday, September 15th and it runs every Wednesday for 10 weeks from 6pm to 9pm at San Rafael City Hall. Usually the class is only open for San Rafael residents or people who work in San Rafael but I can hold some spots for some of our faithful blog readers. We have a cap at 35 in each class so if you don't get in this time, we will have another session starting up in the spring of 2011.

If you want to attend, please e-mail me at by August 13th to get your application going. Most of all, I will assure you a personal introduction of the famous blogging duo, Dispatcher Anndora and Lt. Pata. I hope to see you there!