Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello From Lieutenant Pata

My name is Raffaello Pata. I am the Lieutenant responsible for night patrol operations along with a nice assortment of collateral stuff like our Hostage Negotiation Team, Foot Patrol, Police Artist and bunch of other things that are not so exciting. I am also now a contributor to this blog.

My contributions will come from a different perspective. It will come to you as a guy that never really wanted to be a cop. I went to the police academy so I could become a Coroner’s Investigator. It wasn’t long after joining the SRPD that I got the “bug.” The bug is what takes over your desire to do anything else in the first couple of years on the job, but eat, breath and perspire police work.

After nearly 20 years of patrol and detective work I decided to test to promote. Luck and hard work paid off and I was promoted from Officer, to Corporal, Sergeant and now Lieutenant. I’ll try not to come off like some stiff administrator who is bent on counting how many paperclips we go through each year, mainly because it's not who I am. I really want to share some of my observations of what it’s like to do this job and now what its like to work with the next generation of people in this service.

My goal is to inform, maybe entertain a little, and give you a peak into one of the best jobs in the world. I admit that I have been seduced by the adrenaline and the challenge of the chess-game that is law enforcement. I’ll introduce you to some of the most interesting people you have met, and share with you some stories of great police work

Talk to you soon. rp

PS: My e-mail is if anyone has any comments.