Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Week is Starting

Good Morning everyone. I hope all of you were excited to see the blog from Dispatcher Anndora. She is awesome and the next day after her blog was posted a national law enforcement organization asked her to blog for them too. So let me get this straight, I blog like 5 times and no one cares, she blogs once and is an immediate star....hmmmm.....okay just kidding, congrats to her. I look forward to hearing more from her on here. Also, thanks to everyone for the kind words and donations for Officer Sabido and his journey to Haiti. He was very appreciative and wanted me to send everyone his regards.

So got to my desk extra early this morning (about 0515 hrs) after a quick stop at Peets. I have a pile on my desk that I need to get through because I am also in the process of finishing up a grant application. This grant is from the Feds and will be used in conjunction with the Marin County Sheriff's Office to increase gang enforcement in the county. The San Rafael City Council will be considering the grant on May 17th and the application is due June 30th. With all the approvals and such, if it all goes well I hope that it is funded sometime in the fall. That doesn't mean that we won't pay for our own extra gang enforcement this summer, it just means that we may get a little financial relief for some of the costs in the fall. Okay, enough about that I am probably boring you all with finance talk. This is a good example though that not all police work involves going on the street and taking bad guys to jail Administrators like me have that extra responsibility for more paperwork and the constant threat of a nasty paper cut if we are not careful! Anyways, have a great week and be safe out there!

Lt. Dan