Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There's a New Blogger in Town!

Hey, everyone!

Since this is my first blog, ever, I thought I'd introduce myself to you. My name is Anndora (but most folks call me A.D.). I've been with the Department for 19+ years, which is actually a bit frightening realizing that I've been here for most of my adult life. I have a BS in Emergency Management with a minor in Public Safety Telecommunications (which is a fancy way of saying Dispatching). I also teach at POST Public Safety Dispatcher's Academy. While my title at the Department is "911 Police Communications Dispatcher," I actually wear lots of hats - Peer Support, Honor Guard, Tactical Dispatcher, Crime Scene Investigations, Communications Training Officer and probably a few more but in a nut shell, I like to be involved. I'm thankful to be part of an agency that allows me, the dispatcher, to venture out of the Comm Center to become a vital part of the department - cause, trust me, most other agencies don't.

No, I don't live and breathe SRPD but I'd be lying if I didn't say I truly care about the people I work with and it's an important part of who I am. We are a family and sometimes we spend more time with our work family than we do our home families. Experiences I have heard, smelled and seen can only be understood by someone who's been there before. It's hard to explain but hopefully, you'll get to know where I'm coming from through my attempts at blogging!

My life outside of SRPD - my family and friends are another important part of who I am. While I don't have kids of my own, I'm great a spoiling my 3 nieces much to my sister's chagrin! I love traveling. Trips to Florida and Hawaii are planned for this year (and hopefully I'll be visiting the Galapagos Islands, next year) but I also like exploring the Bay Area. Last year, I learned to scuba dive and hope to get my Advanced Open Water certification this summer. It's amazing and truly is a whole new world under the water (one of my nieces always asks if I've meet Ariel yet!). I'm taking a digital photography class and having a ball at it. I've owned my D-SLR for a few years and I've finally gained enough knowledge and confidence to take it off the automatic setting. It's fun finding the creative side.

I think I've babbled, I mean blogged, enough for now. You've gotten, just a glimpse of who I am and what I do. But, it is just a'll be hearing more about life as a 911 Police Dispatcher at San Rafael PD and then some.

Thanks for reading and be safe.

Dispatcher AD

PS - If you want to contact me and let me know you've read this far, here's my email.... Thanks!