Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Citizen Academy Tonight

Tonight is the 9th week of our Citizen Police Academy. Next week is graduation for the class. The topic for tonight is narcotics, vice, and gangs. This block is taught by our Directed Patrol Unit (DPU). The DPU team has a Sergeant and two Detectives who work primarily in plain clothes and unmarked cars on a variety of quality of life issues in the City.

The Citizen Police Academy is a great program and is grant funded by a Recovery Act Grant, so there is no charge to attend. The next class starts September 15th and ends November 17th. The classes are every Wednesday night from 6pm to 9pm and are generally held at City Hall in the Council Chambers. If you are interested, please call 415-485-3114 or e-mail The only requirement is that you are a resident of San Rafael or work in San Rafael.